Bubbles of a Different Kind

sparkling wines

Whenever someone buys Champagne, I have to admit I cringe a bit inside because I hope that the person paying knows what they are getting themselves into.

Champagne is king, everyone knows it. The price. The allure. The status. The glitz and glamour. But, do they know what it tastes like? How it’s made, and the amount of labour involved? Probably not, and that’s fine. Continue reading Bubbles of a Different Kind


Fall Drinks: Sazerac


Sazerac is widely thought to be America’s first official cocktail, dating back to the mid 19th century. While I normally wouldn’t recommend such a bizarre cocktail, especially since you need absinthe for the real traditional way, if you are like me you have a bottle on hand.  Continue reading Fall Drinks: Sazerac

The Great Absinthe Experiment: Part 2

absinthe glass

I remembered how the last time I drank it, we set the sugar cube on fire and… was that right? I went over to my computer and did a quick YouTube search. Apparently setting the cube on fire on the spoon was a big no-no – the cheap way to do it. Ruins the flavour, the purists say. Continue reading The Great Absinthe Experiment: Part 2

Fall Drinks: Pumpkin Beer (and Braised Lamb)

braised lamb pumpkin beer

Fall is my favourite time of year, because it is around now (actually about a month ago) that pumpkin beer is released. I could drink buckets of this stuff. This is not going to be a review of specific beers, because I’ve only had a few different brands this season, and they are all ones I’ve had before. If you want a review of the best ones, go here. Continue reading Fall Drinks: Pumpkin Beer (and Braised Lamb)

Amazon Promotion of “Beyond Ramen PBR”


I’ve recently pulled my book “Beyond Ramen & PBR: The Bachelor’s Guide to Food and Wine Pairing” from it’s spot on Smashwords. I’ve always had it on Amazon, but never really promoted it on there because I wanted to give it away for free. Continue reading Amazon Promotion of “Beyond Ramen PBR”